From 1988-1990 the Kids Choice Award was a gold statue in the image of a kid witrh his hind leg up holding a long stick with the nickelodeon logo on it

this award went to


  • Eddie Murphy (Fav. Movie Actor)
  • Whoopi Goldberg (Fav. Movie Actress)
  • Bev. Hills Cop II (Fav. Movie)
  • Madonna (Fav. Movie Vocalist
  • Alvin & the chipmuns (Fav. Cartoon)


  • Alyssa Milano (fav tv actress)
  • ALf (Fav. TV Actor)
  • The Cosby Show (Fav. TV Show)
  • Avin & the chipmunks (fav. cartoon)
  • Debbi Gibson (Fav. Female singer)
  • Jon Bon Jovi (Fav. Male singer)

Orange BlimpEdit

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